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Un Jour dans la Vie - Entreprises

Un Jour dans la Vie des entreprises donne une vue unique pour des client existants et futurs, ainsi qu'auxA Day in a Life of a business gives your current and future clients, as well as potential future employees,  a unique look into what your business is all about.  There is a bigger focus now more than ever on the people behind the brand. People want to know whom they are buying from and the buying experience has become more personal. Let me follow you around and show people what makes your business unique and special! This is particularly interesting for creative businesses as I can really showcase the creation of your products and give your clients a behind-the-scenes look.  I offer half day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours) sessions. The experience is discreet, I will never ask you to look at the camera and smile. The expressions and moments that I capture are all natural and real. I will not direct you. You and your employees go about your day as you normally would on any given day and I will be there to document it. Interested? Click on the contact button. Can't wait!

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